Christian Coaching

What's the difference? Christian Counseling vs. Traditional Therapy - Christian Counseling shows you how to apply God's truth to find real answers to make you "free indeed." Secular Therapy tries to re-educate you to "lean on self's own understanding" in search of relief. God's wisdom applied vs. man's methods tried - deeper and lasting changes - a huge difference .

Christian Coaching or Counseling? - Coaching gives you breakthrough skills to pinpoint & retrain life-limiting & life-sabotaging patterns so you can reach key goals & desires - creating new habits. Counseling provides a path to deeper peace & victory from past or present personal trauma, crisis or relationship problems.

Coaching Services:

  • Parenting & Blended-Family coaching
  • Breaking free of ruts & bad habits
  • Personal & career breakthroughs
  • Solving upsetting relationship issues
  • Discover your true purpose, potential
  • Ways to overcome "stuck" thinking

We look forward to speaking with you. Please call for more information regarding these services at 714-662-1212 or 562-596-2142 .

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